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Courses for Western & Treeless Saddle Fitting

The Western Saddle Fitters Course

The Saddler's Technique Ltd. offers the most professional and comprehensive western saddle training course available - derived from over 20 years of working with horses and their comfort with The Western Saddler Ltd. Our curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals western saddle fitting focusing on horse comfort. To learn more about our courses, and take your first step towards becoming a highly-skilled western saddle fitter, contact us today.

Western Saddle

The Saddler's Technique Mission

At The Saddler's Technique, we understand that a good saddle is not just about the rider's comfort but also about the horse's well-being. For those who love horses as much as we do, we offer an exceptional program to teach the art of western saddle fitting to horse lovers who wish to work as western saddle fitters, as well as various courses for equine professionals and horse owners. That's why we dedicate ourselves to teaching the art of western and treeless saddle fitting. Our comprehensive courses are designed to cover all aspects of saddle fitting, from basic anatomy to advanced techniques. With our expert instructors, you'll learn to recognise the signs of an ill-fitting saddle and how to remedy them. We believe that proper saddle fit is essential for both the horse and rider's health and happiness. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, so you can become an expert in saddle fitting yourself. By the end of our program, you'll be ready to make sure your own horses, or those of others, are riding in comfort and ease!

At this point I would like to thank a lovely client, Candy Clarkson MA(Ed), who has supported me and encouraged me with bringing these courses to fruition. Without Candy’s unwavering belief, help and advice these courses would still be sat in a manual on my shelf.

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