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Equine Owners Course -
Western Saddles

At The Saddler's Technique, we offer a comprehensive western saddle training course designed to help equine owners learn how to properly fit their saddles to ensure the comfort and safety of their horses. Our weekend course provides an in-depth look at how to identify if your saddle is fitting correctly and offers solutions to adjust the fit if necessary. Our highly experienced instructors will guide you through the entire fitting process, from identifying pressure points to selecting the appropriate padding and accessories.


Course Information

The Western Saddle Fitting Course for equine owners aims to teach equine owners a comprehensive overview of how to recognise poor saddle fit, what to do, and also about cinches and padding. This course is designed to empower the equine owner with knowledge, saving them money in the long term, and most importantly, helping horses be more comfortable.

At the end of this course you should be able to identify a well-fitting and poorly fitting western saddle and know which pads and cinches help the horse stay more comfortable, and those that don’t and why. The modules cover the following:

  • Introduction

  • Basic anatomy, physiology and biomechanics

  • Horse psychology incl pain and behaviour

  • Western saddles and fit

  • Western saddle pads

  • Western cinches/girths

  • Evaluating the Saddle - No Rider

  • Evaluating the Saddle - With Rider


This course will be run over one weekend. The course will be run either in the New Forest, Hampshire or in Somerset, UK.

This course is due to commence in 2025.

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